Your Facial Cleanser Is More Important Than You Think!

As women, one of the most common conversations we have with our friends is about our skincare routine. If someone were to ask you, “What cleanser are you using?”, what would your answer be?

A) “I just buy whatever’s on sale.”
B) “I use a cleanser that’s suitable for my skin.”

If you answered “B”, your skin thanks you! When you were younger, you might have had oily, acne-prone skin. But as we age, our skin tends to change too: it produces less oil, so you experience dryness and/or irritation. You also start to see the first signs of aging like fine lines, oval-shaped pores (on the sides of the nose) and uneven skin tone.

Q: Why is cleansing all that important?
A: Cleansing helps remove traces of dirt, excess oil, pollution and unwanted skin cells. If your skin isn’t cleansed properly, the accumulation of all the above can lead to issues like dullness, dehydration, aging and breakouts!

Q: Why do I need a low-pH cleanser?
A: The protective “layer” on our skin’s surface is naturally acidic. By using a low-pH cleanser, this layer is protected, which in turn, makes sure your skin stays balanced. This is especially important for women with dry or sensitive skin.

Q: Aren’t all cleansers the same? I’m already using toner/serum/cream after that!
A: There’s more to a cleanser than just “cleansing”. A good cleanser means it contains ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, with a safe formula that can be used frequently. A good cleanser does the groundwork for you, so that what you apply on your skin after that can be absorbed more easily:

  • Maintains skin’s healthy pH level
  • Improves skin’s hydration levels
  • Clears impurities from pores

Q: But I like my cleansers to have lots of foam!
A: If you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s always better to opt for a low-foaming cleanser. Yes, your skin “feels” cleaner after using a high-foaming cleanser, but it can also become extra dry and tight.

Foaming Cleanser Low-foaming Cleanser
• Contains surfactants to create foam
• Skin feels dry and tight after use
• High pH disrupts skin’s natural balance
• Recommended for oily skin
• Gentle on skin
• Skin is comfortable and silky
• Low pH is friendly towards skin
• Recommended for dry/sensitive skin

It’s time to change the way you cleanse!

Formulated for daily use, ACELABS Lumiere Low pH Diamond Essence Cleanser helps you take that first step towards a better skincare routine.

  • Essence-type cleanser contains skincare ingredients that moisturise and soothe
  • Silky moisture veil protects skin’s moisture barrier
  • Low-pH formula is skin-friendly and does not disrupt skin’s healthy pH
  • Gentle formula with low-foaming and non-drying properties
  • Perfect for normal to dry or sensitive skin

Diamond Essence Cleanser’s key ingredients:

REAL Diamond Powder
ACELABS’ star ingredient! This gives an instant radiant effect by reflecting light and gently exfoliating skin’s surface.

Papain + Bromelain
Natural plant-based enzymes refine skin’s texture while preventing inflammation.

BHA (Betaine Salicylate)
Prevents clogged pores with gentle exfoliation, while encouraging growth of healthy new cells.

Soothing ingredient that helps in skin healing.

A good beginning and a good end to your day makes a whole lot of difference for your skin’s health.

Be one step closer to your dream skin: check out ACELABS Lumiere Low pH Diamond Essence Cleanser and discover its accompanying skincare regime!