They’ve found their Diamond Radiance with ACELABS. Have you?


They’ve found their Diamond Radiance with ACELABS. Have you?


ACELABS Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop 💎 is my secret to restore my skin’s tolerance, balance, firmness and hydration. Look at how this ampoule has revitalized my complexion and give me a brighter and youthful-looking skin within 14 days!


ACELABS Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop contains fast-absorbing micro oil particles and Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise my skin’s deeper layers for a revitalized complexion.

I can feel my face looks so smooth and it’s really help to strengthen my skin barrier.


This product contains real diamond powder which is a secret of pure luminosity for a beautiful and soft radiant skin. They also have a unique anti-ageing ingredients that activates youth protein for skin firmness and elasticity

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    The Brilliance of ACELABS Diamond Powder

    The secret of ACELABS Diamond Powder lies in its instant “soft-focus” effect, which leads to brighter, younger, and smoother-looking skin. Immediately, the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, pores, pigmentations and discolourations are diminished.

    The unique technology works 5 ways to help reveal skin’s true radiance:

    • Soothing Formula
    • Moisturizing Ingredients
    • Anti-aging effects
    • Regenerates skin
    • Texture improvement